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Ebonie Camille is a Proud Sister

Growing up I thought I was the only child. When I got old enough to understand my mother shared with me my other siblings by my father. I always wanted a lot of brothers and sisters so I was happy to learn about them. One day I was spending time with my cousin and she told me she knew my younger brother Byron.She told me to meet her at the Shiloh Gospel Fest and she would introduce us. The day finally came and I got a chance to meet Byron. He didn’t have to ask any questions when my cousin introduced us he knew we were brother and sister. I learned that he had the same passion as I did for music. I couldn’t believe how talented he was from his singing skills to him playing the piano. After that day I got in tune with my other brothers and sisters Racey, Tim, Terrance,Amber and Brandon. Learning about my other side of the family help me express myself in a better way. I’m in love with all my brothers and sisters they all are so talented in many ways. I worked out a single with Byron AKA Scotty called HighLife for my current album Penthouse 87. It is my biggest single, it’s in rotation on Pandora and other radio stations. The chemistry we have is genius. I can think of a type of song and he can make it on the spot. I’m proud to be around so much talent.



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