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Ebonie Camille’s 2014 Review

This year was full of learning experiences I wouldn’t trade for the world. I’ve made money I’ve lost money LOL. Most of all I’m still here for another year to get it right. I’ve had my day to day battles to uplift myself while uplifting others just like anyone else. To be 27 years old I haven’t traveled much but this year I went on (2) trips and (1) getaway. During these trips I had the time of my life. I realized that this is the time to do the things you always wanted. No longer do I hold myself back from the things I deserve and need. I got deep back into my music this year. It was a struggle because my faith was micro but today I’m a 100% believer in my skills. I released two singles “Oh Hell Yes” and “HighLife”. Both of the singles did well even got selected for Pandora Radio. I took on working with new host for my internet radio show Ease Dropping. Dotti and Pebbles took my vision to a new level with more celebrity interviews and buzz. We were nominated  for “Best Internet Radio Show”. We did not win but it was still a big win for us. The biggest blessing I got this year was support from friends, family, and strangers. It means the world to me to see people admiring the person I have grown to be. I just want to allow God to use me and continue to smooth out my rough edges. I want to be the blessing that so many people have to me. 2015 will be a fresh start because a few months ago I found out my job was closing. I am not upset I am happy to see a end of a challenging two years work place. This just tell me that my work is done there literally LOL. What to expect from “E” next year? Expect from me more love, dedication, growth, challenges, and constant good habits…Much Luv, Ebonie Camille



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