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Lady “E” Changes Her Name To Ebonie Camille

2014 was a major growing battle. This year I studied the music business, branding, and observations of others. I decided to change to my name to Ebonie Camille to rebuild and grow. I was named Lady “E” in 2006 and I went with it but now it’s time to change, Ebonie Camille is my first and middle name. I feel more myself using this name. I don’t feel like I’m a character I’m just me. I’ve changed up my style just a little and I’m still using the “NO MERCY” motto when it comes to my performance. I was developed by brand consulting Coffe’ Summers for 3 years and boy has she polished me up. A lot has changed from the music I make to the way I carry myself. It’s those little things we over look that mean the most. Developing is the main thing missing in artist today. Some can get the buzz by themselves but fall off as quick as they got own because of lack of knowledge. Along with this process I have a fire team of people that push me harder and gives me a second and third opinion when I do and don’t need it LOL.

Change is good when you are growing in the process.

Change is good when you are growing in the process.


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