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Lady “E” Take On Women-Power-Respect

On days like this I write what’s on my mind and type from the heart…here goes. When I was younger my mother always taught me to be a respectable young lady. She took great pride in the compliments her friends gave me for being respectful and kind. She always told me that the way you carry yourself reflects me. Now hear me and hear me clear I’m no saint but I’ve tried my hardest to be a beautiful reflection of my mother.

After I graduated high school I began doing music showcases and communicating more through social networks to attract fans. I joined everything from Tagged to Myspace.  I became popular on these social site. Every time I wrote something on the internet I always thought about who was watching me. The crazy thing about the internet is that you never know who is watching, hating or admiring you.

Almost 13 years later I continue to use social sites to represent my brands. The more I’m online the more I see disturbing things about my fellow African American sisters. I’m not sure when the turning point happens. You know the point in time when attention means the world to you. Maybe it happens in high school when the competition begins or maybe when you first log in. So many women fall out of love with them selves and look to others to pick them back up again. “Likes” “Follows” and “Hearts” make your day if you are addicted to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram but they do not make you.

When I decided to take my music career seriously I knew I had to watch everything I did. I don’t want young or older women to look up to my negative behavior. The way I dress, talk, and act means the world to me. I love the way I embrace myself and accept myself for who I am. Women have a strong power in them it’s really up to them if they let it go. I know it seems as if the more you show the more attention you may get and that may be true but that doesn’t mean it’s good. A funny story my boyfriend shared with me was that he never paid much attention to me on Facebook before we met because all I talked about was business and I didn’t show much skin.  It’s funny how I ended up being the girlfriend and getting all the perks LOL.  It’s also a great thing for him not to worry about me embarrassing him on the internet as well. Sometimes it’s all about what you need and not what you want hehehe,

Do you know your true beauty? Do you know the little things that you do that makes the world fall in love with you? You would be surprised by what treasures you hold deep inside. You are more then just a big ass, quickie, bitch, or baby momma. You are a beautiful queen please carry yourself as such or your crown may disappear. You are the role models to the children remember they are watching you.




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