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Treasures Deep Inside

Treasures Deep Inside

Growing up in a low-income single parent house hold was tough, however I wouldn’t trade it for the world. When your back is up against the wall you manage to pull out energy that you never knew you had. I’m known for being multi-talented, you know the girl who does everything. My talents didn’t come from happy times they came from hard  times. Growing up as a teenager I naturally wanted to keep up with my friends. They had nice cars, lived in pretty houses, and dated the popular boys. I was far from them in that matter I didn’t have a car, I lived in a small apartment and boys didn’t look my way. I couldn’t keep up with my girls and after a while I stopped trying. I stayed to myself a lot because I was to embarrassed  for anyone to know my short comings. I found a friend in music it didn’t judge me, it made me happy, and it could express what I was feeling from day-to-day. I couldn’t afford studio time so I recorded myself.   The recording was the worst quality every but it was something. I needed photos for my album covers so I practiced photography and graphic design. Once the project was done I needed to promote it so I studied marketing. Some may say I had nothing but I had all the treasures of the world deep inside of me. I had figured out something important. Nothing could ever hold me back if I put my mind to it. I could not try just because the chips where down, I had to find away out of no way. After years went by I sharpened  my skills and even gained respected for it. I felt blessed when I gained my first fan. The secret to life is to believe in yourself. I set out a few years ago to be a better “E” and everyday I’m improving. I no longer look at a hard task as intimidating but a challenge to my brain. I get a thrill every time I learn a new skill, over come a  obstacle, and inspire others. If you don’t get anything out of the post get this : You are worth millions because you have treasures deep inside of you. Those treasures are gifts from God some  learned some  installed in you use them to claim your prize…”E”



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