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Lady “E” Featured in L.E.P Bogus Boys & French Montana Banger Dirty Money Music Video

I ran across a submission for a music video so naturally I sent off my pictures and resume. I didn’t receive a response so I figured I wasn’t thick enough for the role. After a long day of errands I settled down for the night to rest.  My phone rang about 11:20 PM and it was a call of opportunity. I did make the cut for the music video and I had to get there fast. Since I’m a hour away from Chicago the rush was on. I was super geeked because the video was for one of my favorite groups out of Chicago L.E.P Bogus Boys. I’m a huge fan of Moonie and Count. Secondly what made it even better was the feature was French Montana. The song is a banger I can’t wait for you to hear “Dirty Money”. Most of the video was shot at a laundry mat. I got to meet French Montana which is a very humble dude. I feel him even more now. The picture below he tweeted on Twitter made my day because that chick in the red dress is me LOL. Much love to the L.E.P team for holding me down and giving me some camera time. XOXO


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