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Lady “E” Is Motivated In Joliet

Staying motivated is the hardest thing to do when your around a bunch of non believers. If you come from where I come from you will understand how hard it is for me. I grew up in the small town of Joliet IL. When I was younger the town seemed like the funniest place on earth. I would play outside all day with the neighborhood children and have a ball. As we grew older people started to change and relationships started to fade. I guess we all grew apart from each other. After high school things became clearer to me about the people I was around. I always had big dreams and I visioned my life larger then must. Everyone has dreams but everybody does’t have the work ethic to try to make it happen. I never had much support from my peers about my career but it does not change my motivation. I love my city it means the world to me but it can be draining. I work hard to show my peers that working hard, believing, and praying can be the must powerful tools to use. I want to make it out this town so bad just so I can come back success and show everyone that it is possible. I may not having a lot of followers or supporters but I do have me and as long as I have that I will keep pushing. If you are in the same situation as I remember  focus on your work ethic sharpen your skills and never give up.


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