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Lady “E” Want’s To Empower Women With Music

I’m working on my second album and it is very important to me that I stress some major morals and issues in my music. I represent the common girl that has common issues. The most common issue I witness the must is women not loving themselves enough.  In my past I’ve loved others more then I have loved myself. I didn’t realize how to love myself until this year. When you have a big heart you tend to put others before yourself and at the end of the day you go without. I have giving so much into my relationships that I have got so behind in my own personal life that I’m running to catch up. Loving yourself isn’t just being confident it’s defending yourself and not being no sucker. Once you realize that you deserve nothing but the best you look at life a whole lot differently. One important thing I will stress in this new album is to not make excuses. We argue with people and take them back and use love as a excuse. I don’t play that. Growth comes with love. Loving someone truly should bring out the best in you not the worst. I want to empower women in such away. I believe God is using me to step into this industry to regain females respect. Women have found the word Bitch as something sexy, and huge body parts as something that must be exposed to get attention. I really want to show all the ladies of the world there true power. This special power we hold in us has a mental block on it sometimes. It’s up to us to not feel so worthless and to know that we are all the mothers, queens, and backbones of the world. My music would be useless if I can’t help someone. One artist I love that does this is Mary J. Blige. When I first heard My Life it was a wrap. I will always cherish Mary for that album.


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  1. Urban Spiritz says

    Great aim, true words, lady!
    I would love to support your mission in empowering the female spirit since what you say is true: Women in Hip Hop (or even in general) are behaving like degenerated Barbies with XXXL boobs and asses, simply as a decoration but not a real contribution! Its all about the looks and still sex sells, completely ignoring their real talents or the unfitting messages they would like to spread out to the world.
    We, women, are in this situation, because we follow what everyone says and expects from us. Stay strong girl, do your thing!
    I would like to promote your music and somehow help your mission. On Sunday the pre-face of our Hip Hop blog “Urban Spiritz” comes out and we plan to cover a whole range of topics concerning music, lifestyle and culture. Would you maybe like to give me an interview for this purpose where we talk about your mission? I would really love that and thank you in advance! 😉 Norma Rae ❤

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