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Lady “E” Interviews Producer Sol’ Kidd

Sol’ Kidd “A Sol” Kidd”
Ebonie Camille

Twitter is my best friend. I find some of the must interesting people on the social site. I read the tweets and they inspire me daily. One powerful producer I came across was Sol’ Kidd. His hip hop soul music had me believing he was from New York, but this Luv is from Toronto. His skill is so amazing I thought he was a producer must of his life,but he has only been producing two years. I’m amazed by this “kidd” and you will too.

Ebonie: What musical influences inspires your music?
Sol’ Kidd: J.Dilla first and foremost. The major reason why I put rappin’ on hold to pursue producing. His music is everything to me. He taught through beats. Other than Dilla, my man 9th Wonder, Nottz, Pete Rock, Curtis Mayfield, Kanye, Jay & Coldplay.
Ebonie: If you could time travel to any music time period what would it be?
Sol’ Kidd: I’d take it back to the late 70’s, early 80’s. A pivotal point in time were soul music was in it’s prime, and hip hop was on the rise.
Ebonie: What device did you create your first beat on?
Sol’ Kidd: I created my first beat on my laptop with FL Studio 6.
Ebonie: When did you first know producing was a passion to you?
Sol’ Kidd: When I was unconsciously samplin’ records for the first time. That feeling of taking something and making it your own was intriguing.
Ebonie: Who is your favorite producer?
Sol’ Kidd: J.Dilla
Ebonie: What gave you the idea to flip the Coldplay songs and create Solplay?
Sol’ Kidd: I don’t even remember how exactly Solplay came in to being to be honest, It just kinda’ of gave birth to itself. The play on the name came to me one day. Then I just started workin’ on the tracks one by one over a span of 2 weeks. I’m a huge Coldplay fan, and apart of me wanted to share that with someone who might love my music, but might not listen to or have heard of Coldplay. Just tryna’ bring good music from other genres outside of hip-hop at the end of the day.
Ebonie: Your current project is 7 Day Weeknd. Tell us more about the concept of this.
Sol’ Kidd: The concept for “The 7 Day Weeknd: Sol Overdose” was to put my take on 7 of my favorite tracks from The Weeknd, and put my twist on them. Hence the name “Sol Overdose”. I wanted to preserve that trippy, mysterious aura that he has about his music and at the same time take it to a place my supporters might’ve not expected me to venture to.
Ebonie: How often do you work in the studio?
Sol’ Kidd: I have a setup at home, so I’m not in the studio too much.
Ebonie: If you could work with any artist dead or alive who would it be?
Sol’ Kidd: One artist? Lupe Fiasco
Ebonie: How do you feel about today’s music industry?
Sol’ Kidd: Great question. I have mixed feelings in regards to the industry today. There’s a lot of positive, and negative things about it right now. A large amount of bad music is at the forefront in the mainstream, and then there’s a new wave of dope new music comin’ from the new artists that are on the rise. A lot of them who are dismantling the idea of signing with a major label, and pursuing the indie route in attempt to preserve their artistic integrity. Which is great, considering the fact that more people are getting back in to the habit of buying albums whether it’s a physical or digital copy. Now, the pressure is on to continue to supply amazing music to a generation that’s been deprived of it for so long.

Ebonie: Do you have a special routine that you do before or after making music?

Sol’ Kidd: Nothing too special. Other than an Arizona, snacks, and some records.
Ebonie: How long have you been producing?
Sol’ Kidd: Two years
Ebonie:What are your future goals for your music?
Sol’ Kidd: My future goals are to be a successful producer in the music industry, and fall back to my first love.Rapping.
Ebonie:Are you signed to music label?
Sol’ Kidd: Not at the moment.
Ebonie: Name a few of the artist that you have worked with in the past.
Sol’ Kidd: I’ve worked with Justin Case out of Brooklyn, who just wrapped up a canadian tour with Redman. Lthe12thletter from Toronto, Did a track with Rello Hill for his “Rellovant” which features Big Remo from 9th Wonder’s Jamla label.
Ebonie: How may we hear more music from Sol’ Kidd?
Sol’ Kidd: You can hear more of me at & at You can hear me on twitter too: @TheSolKidd

TDot 2 Bklyn (EP) Justin Case & TheSol’ Kidd (2011)
Solplay (Beat Tape) (2011)
The 7 Day Weeknd: Sol Overdose (2011)



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