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Lady “E” Interviews L.A Da Boomman

L.A Da Boomman ATL Music At It’s Finest
Ebonie Camille

I was ease dropping like I always do and found a very interesting artist on Twitter L.A Da Boomman. He’s camp reached out me with a very exclusive interview offer and I had to take it. I’m so excited to interview this artist and share with you more in dept of who he is. L.A has worked with booming names such as Yo Gotti, Waka Flocka, Gucci Mane, and Gangsta Boo to only name a few. I’m honored to feature L.A on Ease Dropping Online. Thanks Luv Mauh. Download LA Da Boomman mixtapes here on Ease Dropping Online.

Ebonie:What inspires you to move forward in life?
L.A:Family. My daughters, most importantly.
Ebonie:How long have you been interested in a music career?
L.A:Since about 2000, I knew that music was what I really wanted to do and it came naturally.
Ebonie:How many hours a week do you invest in the studio?
L.A:Im in the studio about 60hrs a week…once I go in, it’s hard to get me out.
Ebonie:Who is your favorite artist of all time?
L.A: LL COOL J… His longevity and relevance in music speaks for itself.
Ebonie:What is the name of the very first song you every wrote?
L.A:Wow…she like the way was written during the snap era (hahaha)
Ebonie:What is unique about your music?
L.A:I’m in my own lane… I’m not trying to mimic anyone else I just do me
Ebonie:Who all have you had a collaboration with?
L.A: Man, thats a long list just to name a few Yo Gotti , Waka Flocka, Gucci Mane, Rocko, Roscoe , 2 chains, J Money, Yung LA, Gangsta Boo….etc
Ebonie:Where do you see yourself this time next year?
L.A:Next year this time I will be 1 of the hottest new artist in the game.
Ebonie:What is the name of the current project that you are working on?
L.A:I’m about to drop a mixtape in November the name is undecided right now but it’s with DJ J1 DJ Iceberg and DJ Frank White
Ebonie:How did you get the name LA da Boomman?
L.A:I got LA from my first name Lavour and BOOMMAN from back in the day when I was selling shoes out the back of a truck…nobody knew my name so they started calling me BOOMMAN because they said I was BOOMIN shoes so it just stuck
Ebonie:What artists have influenced your music?
L.A:Artists that influence me are the Diddy’s and Master P’s because they are self-made and musically it would be LL Cool J, Andre3000, Lil Wayne, 2pac and Biggie
Ebonie:Where may we contact you?
L.A: You can hit me up on my twitter @BOOMMAN_MMI my Facebook Fanpage LA Da BOOMMAN and


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