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Lady “E” Interviews Male Model Tyson Bettis

Tyson Bettis “A Model From Compton”

Ebonie Camille

Tyson Bettis maybe known for his amazing body and charming good looks but there is more to him then that. I reached out to Tyson and he responded with a great interview. Tyson shares more about growing up in Compton, workout tips,and his future business ventures. The interview was a viewer choice. The supports of Ease Dropping wanted to learn more about Bettis. Naturally we give the people what they want.

Ebonie:What inspires you to move forward in life?
Tyson:As we all know growing up in the city of Compton is not easy for any young man trying to make something for themselves, but lucky for me I was blessed with the very athletic body and the ability to play basketball. With a true passion for the game I decided that’s what I wanted to do instead of gang banging or selling drugs. With that being said basketball is a true inspiration in my life.
Ebonie:What made you want to become a model?
Tyson: I have to give this credit to my cousin Hasan (@facetstudio) he’s a well known photographer. One day he came to me and said “aye man want to take some pictures for this magazine they looking for male models and you never know?”. So I gave it a shot, turned out I was really good at it and the pics came out great so I decided to pursue modeling.
Ebonie:What model(s) do you look up to in the industry?
Tyson: I would have to say Tyson Beckford. I plan on becoming the light skin version of him lol, but he’s a great model with a lot of swagg, just like I am.
Ebonie:You have a remarkable body. Do you have any special heathy workout tips or diets?
Tyson:Yes I have this great workout that’s good for the whole body but really great for the abs! I call it the “4 minute workout”. It’s done 4 days out of the week 4 minutes out of the day with 16 different workouts that could be done at home! Will be having a video of it coming out soon! Add me on facebook to learn more.
Ebonie:Other then modeling do you have any other business ventures or future ones?
Tyson: Me my brother and cousin have this promotional company called GLC(Good Looking Crew) that we put together years ago, we plan to get it started back up soon and put on big time modeling events.
Ebonie:If you could partake a photo shoot for any designer who would it be?
Ebonie: If you could partake in a photo shoot with any model who would it be?
Tyson:I would have to say Eva Pickford. She is a great model and I think me and her will have a fire shoot together.
Ebonie: Other then modeling what do you enjoy doing?
Tyson:Playing basketball, writing poetry, and playing video games!
Ebonie: Do your tattoos have any meaning behind them?
Tyson:Every single one of them do, but the one that means the most to me is across my chest “Me Against The World”. It holds value to me, because at a young age I realized: no matter what it is I do the world will be against me, so I take it as a challenge everyday.
Ebonie: Do you plan to get anymore tattoos?
Tyson:Yes I have a few more in mind.
Ebonie:What is your biggest accomplishment?
Tyson: Graduating from college with a degree in psychology.
Ebonie: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
Tyson: I see myself as a very successful man in the fields of basketball, modeling, and business.
Ebonie: Have you every experienced pandemonium from your female fans?
Tyson: Nah not too much
Ebonie: If you could give a word of advice to aspiring models what would you tell them?
Tyson: Love yourself more than any physical thing on earth, because if you can’t love you for yourself no one will love you for who you are.
Ebonie: How may we contact you for more updates and photos?
Tyson:Facebook: Tyson Bettis Follow me on twitter: @iamtysonbettis MM: http://www.modelmayhem.com/tysonbettis


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