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Lady “E” Interviews Singer Songwriter J. Hollins

J. Hollins Casanova Black
Ebonie Camille

Ebonie:What inspires you to continue to produce great music?
Hollins: I’m inspired by life, my life and the lives of those closest to me.
Ebonie: How long have you been singing?
Hollins: I’ve been singing since I could talk (at least that’s what my mom says).
Ebonie: Did you always know you would be a entertainer?
Hollins: No for the 1st 2/3 of my life entertainment was the FURTHEST thing from my mind. My life was headed a whole different direction.
Ebonie:What was the name of your very first song that you wrote? What was it about?
Hollins:Wow my very 1st song…that I wrote was called “What Would I Do?” It asked the question how would it affect you if had to stop loving the person you cared for the most.
Ebonie:How much time do you spend on your music career a week?
Hollins:I spend 110% of my time on my music career weekly, monthly, yearly music is my life.
Ebonie:I read that you are a song writer, vocal arranger, singer and rapper.Hollins: I spend 110% of my time on my music career weekly, monthly, yearly music is my life. We are surprised that you rap. When did you began to rap?
Hollins: I’ve been rhyming since I was 9 years old. I’ve always had a special connection to hip-hop because it really represented for the people who come from my beginnings
Ebonie: Was it hard for you to pass up major recording companies?
Hollins: After being signed to a major recording company it’s not hard to pass them up at all. I love my business and creative freedom.

Ebonie:Tell me about The Chronicles album.
Hollins:The Chronicles was just pieces of things I’m passionate about, my thoughts, my struggles, etc. It was pure honesty that’s why I think it sold so well.
Ebonie: Your new album is AKA Casanova Black. How did you come up with the title?
Hollins: I was working on “aka Casanova Black” before it had a title. I was in my car with one of my team members jesTHEARTIST and she thought it gave off a very charismatic, debonair vibe …enter Casanova Black!
Ebonie: Freak Show ft Teefa & Grind King is a single off the new album. How did that single come to be with the exclusive featured artist?
Hollins:Teefa and I have been buddies for a while. I’ve also been a huge fan of her’s since her Infamous Syndicate days. This track was the right fit for her style and being that her and I are already pals, it was a simple as phone call to get her on the record.
Ebonie:What producers did you work with on AKA Casanova Black?
Hollins: The producers I worked with on “aka Casanova Black” are Emmaculate, Anton Genius, Harvy Allbangers and Force One Seven. These producers had the best fit for the direction I was traveling with this project
What kind of new spark could you bring to the industry?
Ebonie: Do you consider yourself a sex symbol?
Hollins: Ha! No not at all, that’s not for me to decide. I’m simply here to make great music and aspire to inspire. What ever positive light my listeners would like to view me in is fine by me.
Ebonie:Describe your signature style.
Hollins: My style of music is simply hiphop/soul there’s NO other way to look at it.
Ebonie: How may we purchase AKA Casanova Black and your past albums?Hollins:”aka Casanova Black” & “The Chronicles” are available on iTunes and everywhere digital music is sold. “The Soul Renaissance LP” is available at

Chronicles 2005
The Soul Renaissance LP 2010
AKA Casanova Black 2011


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