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Lady “E” Makes Plans For 2012 NYC,ATL,STL, Bahamas Takeover

One thing I noticed about this year is that it went fast as hell once the b.s was removed from my life. I can’t believe we are only a week away from Christmas. I’m excited about 2012 because a lot of cool things will be launching. COFFEA magazine will relaunch bigger and bolder, my single “Wouldn’t Believe” will drop and a lot more special surprise I have planed for the year.

One very important thing I learned this year was to never hold yourself back. I have always heard the term but never grasped what it really means. Sometimes our choices are the only things that hold us back. Having enough love for yourself to push beyond comfort zone isn’t always easy.

In 2012 I will travel like never before. I have a fear of planes but I have a passion for new scenery so it’s time to go. I will be in NYC January ATL February St Louis March and for my birthday Bahamas in May. Sounds great doesn’t it. I’m on two tours next year COFFEA Magazine tour and Grind In Progress /NFL Blitz tour.

Busy and loving it. Idle minds and hands can be deadly lbvs. Word to the supporters keep busy busy busy make money money money


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