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Lady “E” Don’t Trust Theses “O”s

Hey Luvs I try my hardest to keep it positive at all times but I have to keep it real with my fans. Anybody that knows me personally knows that I don’t mesh well with females. I can’t stand them LOL. I have the up must respect for women that are grown and correspond with others well. What I can’t get with is messy chicks I can’t stand them at all. The root of all evil isn’t money to me it’s men. The things women will do to get the attention of a man is bananas. I have had personal experiences  of boyfriends cheating on me with my so-called friends. Never I mean never trust a woman around your man I don’t care how close you are with them. It’s sad that in this day and age that you can’t leave your friend alone with your boyfriend for 5 mins and not expect something to happen. Women are the must competitive but in the wrong things. With men it’s never about looks it’s about money, power, and respect.  With women it’s appearance and guys. My game is tight I don’t have to step over any females toes to get what I want. I never understood why women fought over one guy when it’s dick everywhere. After you have wasted your time fighting the next chick over John Doe, he doesn’t even want either of you.  In high school I stayed into it with females over guys some of them I knew some of them I didn’t. Just recently this year I got a dose of the madness. A young insecure woman thought her man had a thing for me so she attacked me thru the web.  It was sad because I was cool with the chick and would have never stepped over her toes  for no man. A cool relationship gone down the drain over the hoopla of niggas. Women will put you out here dirty for 500 points  just to look better then you. I’ve experienced women that don’t know me from Adam say some of the the worst things about me. Of course messy people carry on the “good news” and is glad to report it. I don’t care to much about other peoples business what they do don’t stop my life or my grind 1 sec.  God has placed a few beautiful people in my life that I appreciate  with all my heart. The moral to this post is to watch these chicks around you envy is all around us even our circle. Thanks for supporting “E” yet again Luvs appreciate you with all my heart.


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