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Lady “E” Loves The Fellas…5 Reasons Why

I love the fellas the fellas across the globe. There is nothing I love more then computers and men hahaha. Men are the greatest thing created well only when they act right.I am a sucker or a few things in men. These things are a must have. If you are trying to win your girls heart better pay very close attentions to this blog post. This could be the key to “winning”.

1. Affection: I have to have a man that isn’t afraid to be affectionate in public or behind close doors. There is no bigger turn on then a man that can show his woman love any where any place. To be with “E” you have to be affectionate or I aint going LOL.

2. Gentlemen: Every year is the year of the gentlemen. I’m a sucker for a man that can open doors pull out sits  and treat me like the lady I am. If you don’t believe in chivalry Luv keep it moving.

3. Cologne: What’s that cologne you got on?He has to smell like eat me LOL.I love a good smelling man. I had a incident when I was around a man that didn’t smell to well. Major turn off I’ve been avoiding his calls every since.

4.Honesty: Keep it real with me I will keep it real with you. You don’t have to tell me what you think I want to hear.  need a man that will tell me what’s real.

5.Smile: A sexy smile can brighten up my whole day. Smiling and laughing is one of the best gifts God gave us. I love a man that is happy to be living and grateful.



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