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Does Lady “E” Like Hosting More Then Rapping?

Since 2009 I’ve been hosting the Ease Dropping Show. Hosting is a different venture for me and I love it. I have taken a break on rapping every since I began hosting the show full time. What I love about hosting is the stories. I have interviewed everyone from Jeremieh to Pugs Atomz. Both of these artist weren’t signed when they where on my show  but now they are. I enjoy seeing artist talk about there dreams and goals and actually set out and make them happen. I must say I love hosting more then rapping. It’s more of a thrill for me to get the scoop on people. Every now and then I will get inspired and write a nice song and put it up for my mixtape.  Now don’t get me wrong I love making music but not as much as I use to. When my friend Kyle Parnell, Knell died in the studio a few years back it really frighten me to even attend certain studios . The fear of being unsafe of a studio being robbed makes me a bit nervous.  Every since my friend passed I haven’t felt the same about making music. This isn’t the end of my music career. I still have tons of stories to tell about life and getting threw it. I am a very random person I do a lot of spontaneous things. Don’t be surprised if a new Lady “E” album surfaces out of no where.


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  1. Lady “E” – I found you AGAIN! We connected on MySpace after K-Nell’s death in 2008. I truly hope that you remember me; I am friends with his dad. I think my name on MySpace was V’s Connection?!?!?!?! I haven’t been on MySpace in YEARS!

    I have thought of you from time to time and have often wondered what you have been up to… Now, I know! Anything and everything dealing with positivity! So proud of you…

    You need to know that Kyle’s death was not in vain. And I encourage you to keep singing/rapping! I have some things to share with you, and some future opportunities for you. Please reach out to me at vlhjd@yahoo.com. Check out my website… http://www.theblackgirlscorner.org. We also have a Facebook page/group under the name, The Black Girls’ Corner, and a Twitter account as @TBGC2010. There is SO much more to my nonprofit vision, and I’ve always wanted you to be a part of it. (smile)

    Miss Vickie

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