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Lady “E” Hasn’t Gave Up On Love

Hey Luvs what’s Gucci LOL?  I’ve been so busy with the show and the magazine that I haven’t got a chance to update my blog. I’m making a change. The best thing about my blog is I’m not afraid to air out my business. If you want to know anything about me I think it’s best to hear it from the source. After a 1 year relationship with Luxury it came to a abrupt end. I was crushed in the beginning couldn’t understand why my efforts went to waste. One day I woke and and decided to trust God. Thats the beauty in my story.  Sometimes situations happen and we wonder why. Sometime we aren’t suppose to know why we just learn the lesson and move on. My heart has experienced pain plenty of times and I always asked God why. What I have come to realize is that I understand what I want and don’t want and what I need and don’t need. I was blessed to have a relationship and I will always honor that. In my last relationship I learned how to be a woman. I learned how to avoid nay sayers, and to be faithful. I learned to support a mans dreams as well as mine. I learned football LOL.I take these new lessons and skills with me in my future. No, I haven’t gave up on love. I still have so much love in my heart that I will be happy to give when I find the right man. I’m blessed not to be bitter. I’m so proud that I haven’t changed for the worst. Sometimes people get so hurt that they get revenge but that  never really help you. If any of my supports are experiencing a break up know that I understand the hurt. One thing I will say is pray for strength. I didn’t want to sit around and be depressed over something I couldn’t change so I didn’t.  What I did was focus on myself. I think I have fallen back in love with “E”. I forgot how beautiful, how smart, so defined “E” was. You can lose yourself so much when your focused on making someone else happy. I have taken the time to get back in touch with me and it’s a beautiful feeling.


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