Ease Dropping Talk Show
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Finer With Time

It’s my birthday season as my mom would call it. I can’t believe I’m about to turn 24. It’s a blessing to soon be approaching a new age wiser and still beautiful. No, I’m not full of myself I just hope when I’m 40 I look this good LOL. In this month I have been working on my talk show Ease Dropping. That bad boy is a lot of work but when it’s not stressing me out I love it. I have interviewed so many outstanding fabulous people already. I’ve also been a basketball freak…GO BULLS!!! I’ve been hitting up any restaurant or bar with a few big screens with friends to watch it. This is something I never do but it’s time to start living and embracing the little things that can make a day great. May 28th I will be celebrating my birthday with my Joliet fans at Barcode 52. It’s a all black party but I’m full of color right now so I’m sure you’ll see me in orange or lime green LOL.  I’m looking forward to still embracing my town even tho they haven’t me. I love a good challenge. I don’t mind working for respect it’s all about bragging rights at the end of the day. I was just thinking something crazy. I was wondering if all of Joliet picked a few artist to push like 3 could we make it. Sounds like a beautiful thing but 10/10 it won’t happen. Ease Dropping is a huge thing for Joliet and should be taken advantage of.  I’m reaching out once again to see what happens and maybe 3 or four more times after that. I love a challenge and yes this town makes me work.


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