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Why Relationships Don’t Last

Lady “E” must be the must random thinker ever LOL. I can’t help what crosses my mind on the daily. One thing that has me stomped at time is “why relationships don’t last”. I have a few reason why I think they don’t lets see if you agree or disagree.

Timing of feelings are off. I don’t think it’s possible to deal with someone that doesn’t have the same rate of feelings as you. If you are 30 % feeling them and they’re 80% feeling you it won’t work. That’s the scary part when one person has reached a higher level in affection then you have. It will be hard for a person that’s all in to lower there feelings toward you after they have climaxed.

Internet. Social sites give any peeping tom or slut access to your partner in seconds if they have a account in that site. A lot of relationships fail because of social sites and insecurities. The average sexy, smart, cool person will get hit on at least 3-6 times in one day in person but on sites such as twitter and facebook that number triples. a huge amount of attention is brought thru the internet. Shy people have the nerve to message you even if tho they wouldn’t do it in real life. People become a lot bolder behind a computer scene. You can’t be around your partner 24/7 so you can’t always be sure how they carry themselves when your not around but on facebook and other sites you can see how your partner reacts to the attention they’re getting. Some people pay a little to much attention to these reactions. One false move and it could be the end of your relationship. You may say it’s only the internet so what, but it’s still a representation of yourself and your thoughts.  If you want your relationship to last having social site profile you should follow these little rules I have. #1. Never have reveling profile pictures. There is no reason to attract extra attention when you have a man or woman at home. If that person can’t give you the attention you seek then he must go or your a slut LOL sad but true. Reveling pictures only attract the opposite sex. #2 Don’t allow any and everybody to write on your profile. The famous line is she wrote I just said thank you or it doesn’t mean anything. If you allow people to hit on you on your profile then you like it. If you respond then your OKing the action if you don’t they might stop and get the picture. #3 Watch what you write on your profile. If you carry yourself a certain way a certain level of respect will be shown. Provoking statements may cause extra complications to your relationship who wants to hear.that nag anyhow. I hope you use these tips they really do work.

Friends. Outsiders influence your thoughts rather you believe it or not. If you have to many people in your ear you might lose the main objective that you are aiming for. Nobody knows your relationship like you and nobody knows both sides but you. Letting your friends opinions interfere in your own judgment can cause a epic fail. You are your own person and you are also grown. Friends want the best for you but at times they don’t. That statement was for the ladies. There is that one miserable friend that will doubt your partner because there relationship didn’t last. A real friend is supportive and knows when to step back and let you do your thing. Must of the time couples listen to there friends and get brainwashed.

Loneliness. If you don’t have enough time for your partner they will go astray sad to say. If your partner is strong enough to deal with your busy schedule then cool but if not you will fail. It’s important to have quality time often in a relationship. Quality time only improves the status and helps you grow more affection towards your partner. I’ve seen many relationships fail because of the time issue. If you have a woman or a man you should never be lonely. Schedule time to have fun all work and no play isn’t healthy.

Sex. Boring or no sex can cause a relationship to fail. I’m not saying be a sex addict but I’m saying maintain a spontaneous sex life. If your not doing it enough someone else will step in a take your lover from right from up under you. Yeah yeah yeah everything isn’t about sex but relationships are LOL. Spice it up and be so cold that they wouldn’t think about leaving. That means get on porn star status lol.

Fights. We all have arguments and disagreements but we must be civilized and talk them out. Many couples fight at least three times a weeks over something petty instead of something big. You must put the issue on a imaginary scale. If the issue is bigger then the relationship lord help ya but if if it’s not then let it go. Isn’t it  a big difference between a misdemeanor and a felony right?

Money. Another reason why couples fails is because of money. If you aint got enough of it then it’s on to the next. Money should never be the main reason why you leave somebody but in many cases it is. Women use this reason to leave a man the must. Some woman are all about advancing. If you can’t put money towards her advancing and shopping she will leave you for someone who can. There is a trick born spending every minute. Now they have a site for sugar daddies there making it hard of you guys now.

Trust. You can’t be with anyone you can’t trust. There isn’t anyway you can have a successful relationship with a person you can’t trust. The what if feeling will hunt you day in and day out. You can’t be around your partner 24/7 so you have to depend on your trust. In this day and age the sexes start off not trusting you before you could give them a reason NOT too tisk tisk tisk.

Cheating. Of course it isn’t going to work if you are cheating. Its hard to recover when the lying starts. If you’ve been cheating on your partner you better be prepared to kiss some ass for years cause thats what it’s going to take to get them over it. I say leave if you feel the need and want to cheat. It’s to stressful playing the game. The older you get the more tired you get of the run around. If  you are strong enough to forgive and move on then do just that. A person can’t make it up to you and regain trust if you keep throwing it in there face. People are human you know mistakes happen. Be careful Luvs.

Baby Mommas. This is a sensitive subject but I gotta touch on it because I gotta keep it real. BMs are one of the main reasons why relationships don’t last. Men tend to play the field with the mother of there children. I can’t get mad at the BMs really because men go back and fourth with them must of the time. I wouldn’t understand this to well since I don’t have any children but I do know it’s something special about a BM. What cause relationships to fail is when you go back and fourth with your BM or BD and start a new relationship with someone else. Drama drama drama. All of a sudden interference happens and it gets so messy someone wants out.

Partying to much. If your partner parties to much without you it won’t last. I believe in girls and guys night out but not all the time. Somethings you just gotta give up when you make a commitment to someone. If you not willing to make that change then your not mature enough to be in a relationship. Clubs are the devil liquor  mixed with good music and horny women and men equal fuckery. It’s safer to stay home trust me I know LOL. Clubs aren’t the only place you can go to have fun with your friends try new things.

Insecurities. If you don’t love yourself you are not going to be able to keep a man/woman. Must women and men are insecure. I don’t care how fine , sexy, cool you think you are it’s somewhere a bit of insecure in you.  I have them myself I must admit it but I don’t let them take over my relationship. Everybody wants to be number one in there mates eyes and if they feel they are not then the insecurities happen. You can fool someone and say they are trust issues but half the time they are not it’s just you being insecure of someone  else . You can’t render anyone as a threat and trust that you too are worth having. Women hold insecurities the must when it comes to appearance but men hold insecurities when it comes to money and power. I bet your man wouldn’t leave you alone with someone thats has more power or money then they do. If you get past the insecurities you will be all good Luvs.

I‘ve covered all the main reason why relationships don’t last. I just taught myself a few tips just typing this blog. I wish you all successful relationships your happiness means a lot to me. I took a few hours out to educate you. I would love it if you could educate me. Please comment and give me your reason I still need help myself. Much love Luvs


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  1. Good stuff…also another reason relationships don’t work is because people don’t know how to cut off miscellaneous friendships with the opposite sex when they get into an exclusive relationship. Why are you still texting that guy from the Miami airport and why are you still texting that girl from the club? Be respectful to your relationship!

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