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Lady “E” Spring Fashion Picks Shoe Edition

It’s nothing more sexy then a bad pair of  heels for the upcoming warm weather. If you know anything about “E” , then you you know she wears nothing but heels. For one I’m only 5’5 so I have to give myself a few more inches. For two I love how I feel when I rock some shoes you can’t find in your local mall. I’m going to give away some Lady “E” picks to my lovely lady fans. I’m no hater. I want you ladies to be as fabulous as ever when you step out…Get Em Girl!!!!

Shoes Shoes Shoes gotta love em check out my special picks for Spring 2011. These babes you can’t find in the mall. Pollini is a hot show collection that I love. The shoes are full of oomph and funk. I gotta have color but I also love my neutrals that go with everything in my closet.

You gotta love a cool gray platform heel. It goes with almost everything. It’s classy it’s sexy and gives you 3 extra inches of height. This is definitely the show of a boss lady.

Badd badd badd I freaking love them. If this isn’t a must have I don’t know what is. I love the colors the funk the creative style. You can go plan with just a pair of jeans and a tank and these babes will set it off like never before. Don’t be afraid of color add some spice in ya life. www.

You may purchase all the shoes at


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