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Full Time Lover

” Good things that men are capable of but always make excuses to act on it” -Chandrika
“Full Time Lover” by: Lady “E”

I’m  glad this statement was made by a friend of mind which you’ve read above. This is such a juicy topic and one I understand well. First off I can’t dedicate this just to men relationships are team efforts and should be treated that way in my explanation. They say the key to a great relationship is communication, I disagree. Communication is a key factor but shouldn’t be the main source of a successful relationship. Creative actions and 100% effort is the key in my book. You can’t get lazy when it comes to somebody you care about. You can’t go full pledge in one area in your life such as your career or friends and slack off in your relationship. The statement is true, “what one person won’t do the next one will”. Relationships are a demanding market and until the end of time it will always be a demanding market. First you must study your partner and understand what really makes them happy. You should know all these things before you consider dating a person. Always know what you’re getting into before you get into it. If you think your capable of making that person happy no matter what you have to do then go for it if no back out while it’s easy. After you have established what is needed in the relationship then set out to fore-fill. Where must of us go wrong at is we start off doing a great job get comfortable and think we have done enough. You must understand it’s a full time job no days off but if you love what your doing then it won’t even phase you because it’s a passion you desire. How do you that your doing enough for your partner? One way is to look at yourself and what you want and compare what you are doing for someone else. If the things you are doing wouldn’t even please you if the shoe is on the other foot then that means you should step it up. Being creative can help a lot. It doesn’t take a lot of money to please a person it takes a lot of thought to please a person. Cute small things are impressive and leave a beautiful memory that can last forever. I must close this blog I could go on and on about this type of stuff. I hope this helped a lot of. I like to give relationship advice and NO I’m not in the prefect relationship but who is. I give my common know how and if you agree with it stick with it LOL.Bye Luvs 🙂


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