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Don’t Play Me I Know The Business

What grinds my gears and makes steam come from my ears is controlling men in the industry.I’ve been rapping for ten years now and I’ve seen so much foolishness going on. I’ve gotten so much free studio time, beats,and shows off my image alone but it was all cut short when I wasn’t interested in the people giving it to me. I haven’t encountered but one producer that hasn’t tried to holla at me. I record must of my own music because of the fact. Being a cute female in this game is hard. I’m not trying to be cocky at all I’m just saying what it is. Not to many people have taken me serious about my music. A lot of people downgrade female rappers because of them being afraid of what they might do for the game. I’ve had many conversations with other artist,male and they had so much to say about what I should and shouldn’t be doing. If I rap about anything but sex they don’t want to hear me. I can’t seem to understand why every female must be a sex symbol. What’s sexy to me is not trying to be sexy. Anywho I’ve been taking out of rap shows,fashion shows, songs,or not considered as a artist by many men in control. I use to be apart of a few independent labels in 07 and 08 and I dropped both of them. I’m not the type of chick that can sit down and watch other people not make the moves they should be making. I’m also not the type of chick that can be control by powerless people. I’m a little bit to smart for the trick and gambles of this industry. I was told a few times that I would have to “bust-down” to get to where I want to be. A lot of females may have done this and it may have worked for a few but it aint working for me. I want my career to be based off my business sense and talent. I don’t want to be a full blown superstar and people read up on me on the internet and find out it was because I slept my way to the top. Granted this industry isn’t fair but I will try to out trick the tricks. I didn’t want to put names of the people who have played me in this blog  must know that they are all over Chicago & Joliet.

Yesterday is over but I learn so much day to day on how to improve my skills. I posted a status on the Lady “E” fan page ( about knowledge. You can learn a lot of thing just trough the internet. The web is full of tutorials and forums that can help you with small to major problems. I have a broken laptop. I searched Google for the answer to my problem. I found a site in seconds that told me the answer and how to fix it myself. I could have taken my laptop to a computer tech and it would have cost $200 (like always). So as you see if you have a question big or small Google,,Yahoo, Msn, and many other sites can help you. Well Luvs I gotta get back to work I’ll holla at you soon. Remember “We Grind till the Day that we Shine” Much Luv, “Lady “E”

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