Ease Dropping Talk Show
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New Chicago talk show “Ease Dropping” Seeks Guest…Channel 23 WWME TV

I have been blessed with a great opportunity to help Chicago land artist and important people with TV exposure. In 2008 I created a online show “Ease Dropping” for Midwest artist to showcase there talent and share there amazing stories with my viewers. I received a great response and decided and decided to take it to the next level. In 2011 my music label KFS Inqred partnered with channel 23 WWME TV. I have been blessed with the opportunity to give you opportunity.

I am seeking guest with many talents and opinions to be special guest on my show. Artist, designers, actors, motivational speakers, producers and etc. are welcomed. Chicago I want to know your story and I’m all ears to listen.

First day of taping is April 10th at the Inqred Recording studio. 1635 W. 35th St. Chicago IL. If you would like to be apart of this huge new twist to Chicago. Contact Ebonie Camille (815)714-9228 or facebook www.facebook.com/eboniecamille to book your interview or performance.

Ease Dropping Topics
(Does any of these topics apply to you? If so you should be a guest on Ease Dropping and share your story)

Are you a male that has trust issues with women? Do you find women confusing? Do you think it isn’t possible to find a good woman? Ease Dropping is seeking 5 opinionated males to be guest on the show.

Are you a female that can’t get alone with other females?

Are you a recording artist that deals with the stresses of climbing the ladder to the top?

Are you a business woman that has a hard time doing business because of sexual harassment?

Old School Vs. New School which is better?

Are you a cheater and proud of it?

Do your peers consider you a controlling person?

Young stars in the making. Does your child have what it takes to be a superstar?

For More questions contact Ebonie Camille
(815) 714-9228


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