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Lady “E” Makes Appearance In Music Video

The things that aren’t planed have the best turn outs. It wasn’t planed for me to be in the “You and Who” music video but guess what I made the cut without trying. I was out networking with a few of my friends from toxic productions and boom it happened. I was invited by Jonny B. Danger to network with Toxic and a few other people. I was just peeping the scene watching the director do his thing because I love video editing.It didn’t take long for the director to ask me to participate in the video. I was all for it until I heard it was a shower scene.I was very nervous about the scene I was thinking about my boyfriend at the time. I was sure he wasn’t going to dig a shower scene ha ha ha. Happily I was fully dressed and it wasn’t so bad. So check this video out you’ll love it.
Here is another one I made a cameo in by Chicago Larry. I bet you didn’t know Larry raps lol…me either. It’s a very funny video because the behind the scenes action was crazy. I wished the would have captured all the hate models were giving each other SMH. If you look closely you can see people dissing each other ha ha ha. That’s females for you.


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