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Ebonie Camille to Release New Music

I’m so over due but I’ve been silently working on new music and a followup mixtape “Lit Summer 2” due to release on my birthday in May. Why did you take so long to release new music “E”? For once in life I took time to work on me. After my 5 year relationship ended I did some soul searching. I’ve never been the one to slow down but it was needed. I still was active in the music industry while I took my rest from the forefront. I wrote songs for other artist, did lite marketing for my brother Scotty Music and hosted Ease Dropping Radio. After I returned from SXSW I knew my rest was over and it is now or never. I’ve worked with an amazing producer Enon Jacobs that has remastered my sound and produced 70% of “Lit Summer 2”. Be looking out for my new single “Drop My Money Off” Trust me it’s going to be a LIT SUMMER!!!


H&M X Balmain

I ran across a article about H&M partnering with Balmain for a collection in H&M. I supper excited I enjoy his work I just couldn’t afford it but now I can. Here’s a peak of what’s dropping November 5, 2015.



HMBalmainunnamed (1)

Ebonie Camille’s Views on Working With Female Rappers

Occasionally I watch interactions between different people. Example A is two males that sit next to each other at a bar, The males are watching football and one thing leads to another and their having a great conversation about their favorite team. Example B two females sitting next to each other at a bar. The females eye each other secretly checking each other out making weird faces at each other as they turn their face to hide it  The reason I brought up this example is to show how hard it is for females to get alone with each other and how easier it is for males. Why you may ask…competition.I may not be the biggest fans of these ladies but I’m proud of Katie Got Bandz, Sasha Go Hard, Chella H, and Lucci Vee for showing us that networking can be down. It’s rare for me to see a group of ladies collab on anything. I’m very open to growing my network while meeting new people. I’ve watched the beef between Nikki Minaj and Lil Kim for years. I wonder what magic they could make in the studio if they put their beef to the side. I bet it would be dope. Will we ever see it?  I’m a firm believer in women sticking together to win. 2015 into 2016 I will be reaching out more to other females not only rappers. I hired a PR out of Atlanta Nikey “Tru Missez” Pasco a month ago, She is beyond dope. Believe it or not she’s a rapper too and I really enjoy her work. Who would think another female rapper promoting another female rapper. She showed me the power of sticking together. Her work for me alone brought numbers to my network I’ve never seen before.


Ebonie Camille’s Releases Single – Yo Song Ft. Loc Star Dollaz

10978551_10153175984929497_3366344859177250966_nLoc Star Dollaz is a childhood buddy. We grew up on the same street and went to the same grade school. Looking back at childhood I would never believe that the class clown would be one of the dopiest emcees I would work with. I received a track from producer S Dot Fire and the team and I knew Loc Star would be the best fit. I let him take the lead on the concept and he totally bodied it. “Yo Song” is about creating your own moment with someone special. The song you hear during the process will be your song. When the beat drops with the Color Me Badd sample “Sex You Up” you would automatically think a freaky song but it’s not LOL.

Ebonie Camille on Remembering Reggie Loc

When I was in junior high I began to write music. I didn’t know much about the industry or the underground scene so I kept my recordings to myself. One day on the school bus I heard people passing around a portable CD players saying, “Reggie Loc is hot he’s the best”. I quickly inquired about who he was. I wondered if he was famous I heard he lived in Joliet. I found out that he was a up and coming artist in my city and he had a lot of fans. I didn’t know local people could be so popular with their music until I heard Reggie Loc. I remember thinking to myself I want to be like him I want people to listen to my music too. When I saw it was possible to put out your own music independently I did. My music didn’t measure up to his statues at all LOL but I was still inspired and driven to be like him.  Years went past and I stared to do shows and record mixtapes. I started to earn respect for my strong work ethic and networking skills. In 2014 I finally got the courage  to reach out to Reggie for an interview on my radio show. He humbly agreed and we became friends ever since. I went to his shows and he came to a few of mine. He asked to me to work on a collaboration which later led to the song “HighLife”. I was honored that he wanted to work with me. We teamed up with my younger brother Scotty, and Holly Grove to produce my favorite song of all time. It was more then just a song to me. I would have never in a million years thought that I could measure up to him let alone be on the same track. Reggie would often ask me for my feedback and valued my opinion. I couldn’t understand why when I looked up to him . I even helped mange him. One day I told him how deep of a inspiration he was to me and how I wouldn’t have chased my dream if I didn’t see him do it. I’ve learned to give people their roses before it too late.I was sadden by his lost but motivated and inspired like I was in 2000 when I saw his vision. I am truly blessed to have had you as a partner, mentor, and most of all friend. When I’m feeling low and my backs against the wall I will think of you and remember you telling me to put myself out there and go for your dreams….I Got You